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The Fabulous and Popular Maxi Dress

The fabulous and fashionable maxi dress is extremely popular for many reasons. The name “Maxi Dress” tells all: maximum style, maximum comfort, maximum versatility, etc. This dress is a perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. Flattering to almost any woman, the maxi dress is great for day and evening. Yet, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for just the right maxi dress for personal style and body type.

The Right Dress for the Right Woman

The bandeau style should be considered for plus sizes. This design is more flattering than regular dress straps. The bandeau style elongates the neckline and draws the attention upward. Also, an A-line cut will hide a stomach, keeping the feminine look of the maxi dresses. It is recommended to opt for the smooth look of solid colors. There are such attractively bold, bright colored maxi dresses out there. The most popular rainbow colors can fit any taste: aqua, blue, purple, yellow and even red. And a last hint to be noted, the more fitted waist design is usually more becoming for plus sizes.

For the petite and small sizes the smaller prints are the most complimentary materials when choosing maxi dresses. Especially consider smaller prints on the more flowing styles. Unless the body size is ultra-thin, the shorter maxi dresses often look best because they balance the shorter frame.

The Right Shoes and Accessories for the Dress

An oversized handbag and chunky jewelry work best with a maxi dress. Because of the free-flowing style, miniature jewels and diminutive bags get lost. Terrific oversized handbags are also popular in many contrasting bright colors. Finding a bag that either compliments or contrasts stylishly with a maxi dress is fairly easy.

The shoes should be dainty with somewhat of a heel for both the long and the short maxi dresses. Add as much height to the legs as possible. Ballet slippers and kitten heels are not fashionable with maxi dresses. And right now there are comfortable heels in many bright colors and flatteringly feminine styles!

For accent on the style, you can use silk scarves (for summer time) or pashmina shawls (for winter time).

The Maxi Dress is a Perfect Addition to the Wardrobe

With these helpful tips on how to pick the perfect maxi dress and how to accessorize, unbelievably impressive style can supplement just about any wardrobe. Versatile maxi dresses are extremely comfortable offering one dress for both day and evening wear. They are both fabulous and affordable.

How To Look Stunning In A Maxi Dress

It’s All About Carriage And Form

Sooner or later, every woman finds an occasion to wear a maxi dress. This is a fashion that can be a little difficult for petite women to wear. This is no time for “tall” envy. A petite woman can appear the super fashion plate in a maxi dress. No matter what size the maxi dress may be, it’s really all about carriage and form. A maxi dress needs a woman who can walk tall even when she’s vertically challenged. If there is one thing neither tall, medium or petite women should ever do while wearing maxi dresses, it’s slouch or slump. Maxi dresses are wonderful for formal wear. They are equally fun with casual wear. Create a custom style all your own with a maxi dress. The great thing about maxi dresses is that they can be worn in any season and look perfect.

Think Maxi Dresses For High Style

Paired with short or bolero vests or a draped shawl, a maxi dress is fashionably comfortable. Maxi dresses are available in a wide range of fabrics suitable for any occasion. For fall and winter, think maxi dresses with your tweed or velour jackets. Add a plaid scarf to accessorize and a pair of leather boots and the maxi dress ensemble is stunning. For spring and summer, there’s nothing like maxi dresses in chiffons, linens and even printed cottons. Maxi dresses can be elegant summer dresses for all summer occasions.  This is tres elegante for the woman who is weary of the same old, same old. Maxi dresses are styled with a broad number of necklines from sweetheart to scalloped in formal wear and mock turtleneck to V-neck for casual wear.

The Formality of A Maxi Dress

Without a doubt the longer hemline of this style affords many wonderful opportunities for formal wear of maxi dress. Long is the preferred hem length for most weddings and gala events. Yet, maxi dress can also be a great fashion statement for a dinner party at home or a casual evening out with friends (maxi style in evening dresses). One tip for wearing this length dress is to gauge the amount of fabric to the size of the wearer. Petite women should look for clean lines and less frill. This is also true of plus-sized women. You will appear amazingly elegant in the most simple style. It’s the length of the dress that is the main feature so do play up that angle as much as possible. For tall and lithe ladies, it’s important not to overstate accessories. A little bit of clunky jewelry with a longer dress is fine. Too much and it can turn an elegant swan into a holiday tree. Maxi dresses may look wonderful with a jacket, scarf, pashmina or string of pearls.

How To Choose Maxi Dress

What Is A Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses have become one of the most versatile piece of clothing available to today’s woman and have never been more popular than they are now whether they be casual or formal. A maxi dress is a floor length or ankle-length dress. Maxi dresses usually have formfitting tops and loose flowing skirts at the bottom. They are usually made out of fine cotton or polyester, and are designed to flow very flatteringly over the body and come in a variety of necklines, colors and patterns. These dresses have become almost a necessity and standard in virtually every ladie’s wardrobe and closet, to be worn to the beach as a coverup over a swimsuit, or to go shopping in, or out to meet the girls for lunch, or for a date day or night.

Maxi Dress Mania

The demand for these maxi dresses has caused fashion designers and clothing manufacturers to create and offer a large variety of maxi dresses for all occasions. The maxi dress now comes available in casual summer materials and styles as well as evening and party styles. It can also be found in popular florals such as African Prints, Hawaiian prints, and even geometric patterns as well as solid pastel colors in pink, blues, greens, yellows, and white. The evening party maxi dress is usually strapless or spaghetti straps, or a sexy bra halter top in solid red, royal purple, or black polyester silk, satin or black lace. You can also find the maxi dress available in many other materials such as chiffon, jersey, knit, rayon, spandex, stretch and viscose, and aforementioned fine cotton and polyester. Maxi dresses are also available in all sizes from petite maxi dresses, juniors, misses, womens, and plus sizes. Because of the length and style of these maxi dresses, most women appear taller and slimmer, especially if they add pumps or heels to the ensemble. Naturally taller women would probably want to wear the sandals or flats.

How To Shop for a Maxi Dress

Most popular department stores offer a good assortment of maxi dresses. Prices will vary according to the size, material and designer name. So to get the best price comparison, I would recommend shopping online on the internet. If you have access to a computer and can locate the search box of the browser, type Maxi Dress in the search box of any browser and you will be amazed at the number of places that appear for you to go to and check for your size, color and price for your maxi dress. If you order online, you might want to order from a place where you already have an account or a credit, or have shopped there before and feel comfortable with their service. You might also want to consider using a coupon or gift card to make your purchase especially if you are on a tight budget. Several online stores also offer free shipping, so you will be saving gas money, wear and tear on your car, and not wearing yourself out going to four or five different places to compare prices and what you are looking for. You’ll save time and money and can be refreshed for your special event where you are going to look marvelous in your new maxi dress.

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