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Maxi Style: Maxed For You

Fashion is one of the few universal methods appreciated by the people in this world. Whether they are aware of it or not every person has their own sense of style. One of the best things about fashion is it does not discriminate, nor lack the ability to please all. Fashion is for everyone, especially for every lady; from the tomb boy who basically lives in her clothes to the high maintenance woman who’s known nothing but riches, fashion has played a role. Imagine a dress that can accomplish all of these things anywhere and everywhere. Imagine the maxi dress.

The Maxi dress is a gal’s best friend. It’s a “one style suits all” (it can make any shape appear appealing to the eye) and its level of comfort is a plus, making it the hottest trend yet. Unlike other garments of fashion, the type of accessories one can accommodate with the maxi dress is unlimited. The maxi dress can be dressed up and dressed down, depending on the occasion, place, and time in which the woman wearing it sees fit.

The maxi dress comes in a variety of styles and prints such as:

Patterns: Whether it is graphic, floral, or animal prints, maxi dresses come in soft, silk, and cotton material. Printed maxi dresses are a must-have for the summer season.

Wraps: Poncho maxi dresses are not only stylish, but comfortable and can be worn on any occasion. They propose a fun and sexy elegant sense of style, while keeping the novelty of the overall look.

Greek Chic: For an everyday look, consider matching a Greek cut white maxi dress with a pair of gold gladiator sandals. Have fun with the dress and push a few boundaries. Greek maxi dresses aren’t only for special occasions.

Pallid and Stripped: White maxi dresses are just right for a laid-back, everyday look. For an evening look, it’s best to wear a maxi nude dress.

Cheerful: Breezy silky maxi dresses are favored because of their comfort on hot summer days.

For Petites

For the reason that shorter maxi dresses are the most flattering on a smaller frame, women who are smaller in stature should stick with wearing maxi dresses that end just above the ankle. They should also avoid horizontal stripes and large patterns. The best maxi dresses for a petite body are the ones that sit closely to the body. This is because they give the illusion of a taller body, unlike larger dresses, which give the illusion of a shorter frame. V-neck dresses elongates the silhouette, and solid colors are the most flattering.


For the woman who has a well contoured figure, wearing dresses that accentuate her curves would give her an overall sexy and daring look. A touch as simple as a belt at the waist would be just fine.

Maxi dresses are ideal for the curvy body. It is always best for the woman to choose dresses that emphasize her assets. The best thing about the dress is that the lower half of it starts just below the bust line. The maxi poncho (wrap) dress is also a great option for a woman with this body type because it can camouflage any problem areas, giving the illusion of a slimmer and taller frame, especially if the woman chooses to wear plain colors verses large prints.

Tall and Slim

Women who are taller and thin should steer clear of plain colored form fitting dresses, as these will make the body appear thinner that it actually is. Printed maxi dresses made from breezy, soft fabrics are the best option for the tall and slender frame. Strapless pleated dresses that emphasize the bust line and start below the chest are also flattering. Fitted maxi dresses are flattering on this body type if made in printed

Bust Line

For women with a bigger bust line, choosing a dress that is breezy in the lower half compensates the line of the bust, creating an overall balance. For this body type, it is best to avoid deep neck openings. And to choose neck openings that end just above the chest. V-neck openings with straight straps are also flattering.






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